Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Advice on How to Understand Scorpio Traits

It's common knowledge that Scorpio is a Water Sign and is the eighth sign of the astrological zodiac. Did you also know Scorpio are also intense, intensely autonomous and paradoxical? To get to know a Scorpio better, your best bet to do some research on the traits that their zodiac sign all share.

Do you know a Scorpio? Are they a very conflicting man or woman? Many of the personalities Scorpios share are double-sided: they are jealous but devoted, passionate but unshakable, hot one minute and cold the next. To take the first step toward better understanding Scorpio characteristics, you must first accept that the areas in which they're strong might also be their weakness.

Get ready for jealousy, but expect loyalty from a Scorpio. If you are married to a Scorpio, or if you are one, you most likely already have a sense of just how extremely self-sufficient Scorpios are. A defining feature of a Scorpio is that they tend to be perfectly pleased to live by themselves and have complete control of their lives.

Just like the other Scorpio characteristics, this independency is a dual-natured characteristic: their disinclination to take someone else's orders can be both advantageous and damaging to their daily lives, depending on how they utilize this.

What do Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Kline and Bill Gates have to do with each other? They're well-known Scorpio men who are great Instances of the personalities of their zodiac sign.

The process of getting to know a Scorpio man can be a superbly problematic endeavor for other zodiac signs. Their independency and intensity causes them to bury their true feelings deep below the surface. To actually start to understand a Scorpio male, it could take days, weeks, or in some cases decades.

At first, you might mistake a Scorpio male for a different astrological sign. This is simply because you will almost never see their actual personality on display in public. This doesn't mean they are deceiving by nature, instead, that they’re conflicting and can be guarded at times.

You might bump into a Scorpio man at a hockey game and then at a later date, at a library. Are they confident or shy? Even if they appear one way or the other, you’re still not getting the full picture.
Once you put in the work to understand a Scorpio, however, the kinship will pay off as they are unbelievably sincere pals and lovers.

Scorpio females, like their male brethren, are by nature oxymoronic. Beyond that, it’s tricky to assign them universal attributes. Instead of that, it’s best to focus on particular attributes you're guaranteed to see in a Scorpio woman: she is brilliant, can cut to the point of things quickly, and only discloses a minimal part of who she is to the open public.

If you’re fortuitous enough to date or be married to a Scorpio woman, chances are you already understand them – and all their intricacies and paradoxes – but this can take years, not weeks or days. The payoff is an extremely loyal and devoted pal or companion, so it’s worth the extra time.

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